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About Us

Everything started with Bittrex's support email

Our founder CryptoYakari has joined Bittrex Exchange in October 2017. All he has wanted to get notification emails about his completed orders. He contacted with Bittrex support about his request and he got answer about API usage.

Bittrex Support said that "Bittrex offers API and If you have programming skills you can write a code to get notification about your completed orders".

He decided to write a PHP script to get notifications about completed orders. He did it. Then he decided to get PROFIT ALERTS. He didn't want to check his portfolio everytime and find out what's going on. He improved his code every day. After couple of months he met with Nevzat Dinçerler and they start developing Robostopia™ together. They have added new features on everyday. 

Beginning of 2018, Ercan Köknar and Recep Sencer have joined Robostopia™ team. Signal algorithm has improved with MACD and RSI indicators. Robostopia™ is still developing. Next step will be adding Artificial Intelligence to Robostopia™. We are developing Robostopia™ Pro+. This bot will make decision to buy and sell altcoins. We are waiting new teammates to board. For having fun and making money together.

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Meet Our Team

Nihat Gelmez

CEO & Programmer

Nevzat Dinçerler

Programmer & Webdesigner

Fidelitas Lex

Technical Advisor

Ercan Köknar

SEO Expert