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Sales Partnership

Do you want to join Robostopia™ Team? Do you want to make money with your own network?

We have special offer for Cryptocurrency Traders. This is not a referral system. We called that "Sales Partnership". Because we share %50 of revenue with you.

Sales PartnershipHow it works?

We provide special affiliate link for you. If someone join us thru your link, you will get %50 of all future renewal membership payments of this user. We provide 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL membership for all new users. Your referral will be valid after this trial period finished. You can easily check who are your referrals with /partner command. Our system is transparent and principle is WIN to WIN. You can contact with your referrals via Telegram anytime. You can see how many days remaining for expiration of your referrals, membership type etc. As soon as your referral paid us we will send you %50 of payment as DASH Cryptocurrency.

At the beginning we will give you 30 days Robostopia™ Pro membership. Every time when new user join to Robostopia™ we will extended your membership 30 days. Doesn't matter your referral is TRIAL or PAID user. Yes, we know it is cool!


  • You should have at least 5000 Twitter followers.
  • You can use your affiliate link with short url services like, Google Short URL service etc.
  • We trace the session of your referrals. That's mean: If your affiliate link altered by visitor, we still count him/her for you.
  • You can use your affiliate link everywhere. Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Articles, Telegram etc.
  • If you lost your followers (less than 5000), you cannot continue to program but you can make money with your existed referrals.
  • If nobody join Robostopia™ thru your affiliate link and your membership expired, we still pay you, If your referrals renew their subscriptions. But you cannot check your referrals. If you want to check your referrals with /partner command, you can renew your membership or you have to find new referrals. It is fair enough.

Advertisement Banners  :

You can use following banners with your referral link to share Robostopia™ with your network.


English banner2

Turkish banner1

Turkish banner2