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Bittrex API Key usage

All about API Keys

According to CoinMarketCap data, there are 8640 Cryptocurrency Markets exist as of February 2018 and almost all of them offers API. But What is API exactly? Is it safe to use?

If you are know what you are doing, YES! It is safe to use API keys. That's why 99% of exchanges offers API. API (Application Programming Interface) gives you a chance to access the system from backdoor. Robostopia™ uses API Keys. Because without API Key, It cannot calculate or see your orders or balances. This is a bot not fortuneteller. 

If you are still worry about using API, we have good news. You can adjust your API Keys' permissions. Let's explain what are these permissions:

1READ INFO: With this permission Robostopia™ can only see your orders and balances. There is no way to make trade or withdraw. So you are in safe hands. You can create simple Excel file and pull your balances to Excel with this permission. 

Robostopia™ Lite, Pro and Pro+ memberships requires this permission.

2TRADE LIMIT: With this permission you can make trade with non-fiat markets. All kind of buy/sell possible with this permission.

Robostopia™ Pro and Pro+ memberships requires this permission.

xTRADE MARKET: With this permission you can make trade with fiat markets. Robostopia™ doesn't need this permission.

xWITHDRAW: Be careful. Robostopia™ doen't need this permission. With this permission they can withdraw your cryptocurrencies. If someone asks this permission from you, DO NOT give this permission if you don't trust them!