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Frequently Asked Questions

Why it is not open source?

We are working on Robostopia™ since October 2017. Lots of cryptocurrency 'experts' creating Telegram Channels and you have no idea how their financial knowledge and they ask 10-15 times much more money for their weak TA knowledge. Most of them they share same signals and they get these signals from each other. But Robostopia™ has totally different concept, It has a unique algorithm for making suggestions. Plus, It is a tool for monitoring your Bittrex Exchange orders. Of course, it has a cost for this service. We didn't serve this bot as a open source. We would like to serve as open source but some "SMART" guys are willing to get source code and resell it and make unfair profit. For this reason Robostopia™ is not an Open Source project.

I am Robostopia™ Lite/Pro/Pro+ user and I don't like it. Can you refund my money back?

We offer 7 DAYS FREE Robostopia™ Lite membership for everyone, for this reason we do not offering refund.

If I give you my Bittrex API Key and API Secret, can you steal my Bitcoins?

If you don't give WITHDRAW permission to your API Keys, nobody can withdraw your money or transfer your coins from your Bittrex account. You should be relax about that. For Lite membership, we need ONLY READ INFO permission. For Pro and Pro+ membership, we need READ INFO + TRADE LIMIT permission. We don't need withdraw permission and your money is safe. Please read "It's all about API Keys" article.

How do you save our API Key and Secrets?

You API Key is saving in secure server with SHA512 algo encryption. Our database server has 7/24 high protection for most of cyber attacks. If someone steal this database, Your API Key is useless because of high level encryption.

If I need support, How can I contact with you?

You can use our email and twitter account for questions about your membership. You can ask any question to our bot called Robostopia™ Assistant, we will answer you in a hour.

Why you don't offer lifetime membership?

We can't. Because Robostopia™ is server-side application. We pay server cost every month. For this reason we don't have lifetime membership plan.